What type of housing does ASCF offer?

ASCF offers short-term housing on a first come, first served basis. Stays are a maximum of 8 weeks.

Who can apply for the ASCF Housing Program?

ASCF serves out-of-town families and/or individuals seeking cancer care in the Texas Medical Center (TMC) regardless of age, cancer type, income, and the point at which resident is at in their cancer care. All applicants are on a first-come, first-served basis. Before a family may be considered, a Housing Application MUST be completed and reviewed by ASCF. Housing is intended for those cancer families seeking SHORT-TERM, TEMPORARY accommodations in the TMC.

Families are required to comply with all laws set forth by our local, state and federal government. Each family member housed by ASCF must also agree to adhere to ASCF's rules and policy. Unfortunately, at this time, the ASCF Housing Program is unable to accommodate families who have neither legal United States citizenship nor permanent legal residency in the United States. We also cannot accommodate individuals who may be traveling unaccompanied who are unable to provide self-care.

Those not willing to comply with applicable laws and rules will be asked to leave and will not be considered for future ASCF services.

What is the Texas Medical Center (TMC)?

The Texas Medical Center is the largest medical complex in the world. This medical mecca in the heart of Houston, is home to the largest cancer center and pediatric hospital in the world.

Where are the residences located?

ASCF residences are located approximately 4 miles from the Texas Medical Center (TMC) at 4115 Drake Street in Houston.

What is included in the ASCF residences?

ASCF operates (12) one-bedroom and (3) two-bedroom residences. Every unit is equipped with a fully functional kitchen, washer/dryer, living area, dining room, bathroom, television and complimentary wi-fi.

Are the residences handicapp accessible?

ASCF residences are 1st and 2nd story residences with no access to an elevator. Those who have mobility issues may request a first floor residence. Every effort will be made to accommodate such requests but will be based on availability. A limited quantity of bathroom assistance devices are available upon request on a first come, first serve basis.

Are pets allowed?

With the exception of certified service animals, no pets are allowed. This helps provide a clean, allergen-free environment for residents.

How do I apply for the ASCF Housing Program?

All applicants MUST complete an ASCF Housing Program Application before being considered for a stay.

Who is eligible to stay with the patient?

Any family member, friend or guest planning to stay in ASCF housing will need to sign the appropriate forms as well as acknowledge and adhere to all laws and/or rules set forth by ASCF. These forms will be provided during the application process.

What is the cost?

All housing is provided free-of-charge thanks to the generosity of ASCF donors.

ASCF aims to ensure that the accommodations we provide to you and your family are in excellent condition and that all necessary housewares and amenities are provided at no charge to make your stay in Houston as hassle-free as possible. To ensure this and to be responsible stewards of the generous resources entrusted to us, a security deposit in the amount of $250 is required for each housing reservation at least one-week prior to anticipated check-in. Upon timely check-out, notification of departure to ASCF staff, return of all keys, and ASCF’s satisfactory inventory/condition of apartment check, your security deposit will be returned if requested minus $100 for cleaning and insurance fees.

For those who would like to donate to ASCF, donations made by check may be mailed to our postal address 4115 Drake Street, Suite 4, Houston, Texas 77005 or made online here.
Please note that damage to residences or property may result in fines and/or future inability to participate in program services.

How far in advance can we apply?

Because treatment is unpredictable, ASCF makes every attempt to be as flexible as possible with the families currently residing in residences. As a result, we are NOT able to confirm accommodations any sooner than one week prior to a family’s anticipated arrival date. Applicants are encouraged to submit the ASCF Housing Program Application as soon as they are aware of their short-term housing needs. All applications are evaluated on a first-come, first-serve basis.