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Holding Hands

At A Shelter for Cancer Families, we recognize that medical appointments can be confusing and stressful.  The pressure to take detailed notes, ask the right questions, and understand medical information and options can be overwhelming to both caregivers and patients.  Our volunteer Navigators allow families to focus on the important conversations with medical professionals, while ensuring each family leaves the appointment with detailed documentation of their treatment discussion.

Navigators Can

  • Meet with the family prior to an appointment to help create a list of any questions or issues they would like the doctor/medical professional to address.

  • Take notes during medical appointments.

  • Summarize options given, or decisions made, during medical appointments.  

  • Provide families with a list of next steps for the patient as indicated by medical staff.

  • Create a clear, written record for patients and caregivers post appointment.

  • Document any outstanding questions from families.

  • Be a sympathetic, calming presence for the family by providing them support through their cancer journey.

Navigators CanNot

  • Serve in a professional healthcare capacity.

  • Provide medical advice or opinions. 

  • Provide transportation to, or from, appointments or treatments.

  • Serve as certified medical language interpreter. 

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